Which way is the right way???


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In a world that contains so many different worldviews, different religions, different beliefs, different gods, and different ways, how can anyone know which way is the right way? According to several studies, there are over six thousand different paths that have been created in the imaginations of humanity. There are thousands of gods and objects people have worshipped since the beginning of times. However, all of those different paths cannot all lead to the same truth since all of them practically contradict each other, which ultimately disproves the theory that all roads lead towards the same god. The question that still remains to be answered is: "Which way is the right way in a world that contains many ways?" Is the Book of Quran the right way? Is the Book of Mormon the right way? Is the Eightfold path of Buddhism the right way? Is the Jehovah Witness Watchtower the right way? Is the Hindu's Vedas the right way? Is Atheism the right way? Is Charles Darwin's macro-evolutionary theory the right way? Is Greek or African Mythology the right way? Is Orthodox Judaism the right way? Or, is Christianity who affirms Jesus Christ as the True Messiah who fulfilled the messianic prophesies in the Bible the right way? It's definitely a difficult question to answer and with all the available information accessible at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, it has become easy to find a way, but challenging to find the right and only way. So, here is the proposal... Christian Way Ministries invites you on a journey to explore the evidence for Jesus Christ for yourself, if you truly desire to know the truth. But, before we give you the answer to one of the most challenging questions, first it is important to note that if you desire more answers to some of the more difficult questions surrounding Christianity, go to our Truth-Therapy Blog by clicking on this link, and please keep in mind that we are adding new information on a weekly basis, so stay tuned!!

Now what's...

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The Answer???

Now, here is the answer to the question you all have been waiting for: "Which way is the right way?" After careful consideration and investigation of all the major worldviews mentioned above, the evidence points towards Christianity and the historical figure of Jesus Christ. Now, some of you may think we are subjective because we are a Christian organization, which is understandable, but allow us to tell you why the right way to God is only through Jesus Christ. If anyone does a thorough objective investigation for the case for Christianity, you will come to the same conclusion as we did. Why? Because the whole foundation of Christianity relies on the historical figure of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a real person validated by historians whether they believe in Christianity or not. No true historian will disagree with the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth because there are many external references that confirm his life, his death by crucifixion, and the empty tomb. So now that the case for Jesus Christ as a real person, not a myth has been clarified, let's examine the life of Jesus. Jesus made several claims about his deity to include being able to forgive sin, being the Son of the living God, having the keys to heaven, earth, death, and hell, being One with the Father in heaven, sitting on the right hand throne of God himself, and fulfilling Jewish prophecy in full detail, which all claims can be found in the four eyewitness historical Gospel accounts in the Bible dated no later than the first century. The dating of the New Testament is significant simply because the early dates did not provide an opportunity for myth or for legend to infiltrate the accounts, unlike the works of Homer, which scholars cannot even confirm if Homer was a real person. Furthermore, opponents of the Christian faith will emphasize other accounts that mimic the historical account of Jesus such as Horus, Krishna, Attis, Mithra, and Dionysus. However, after further investigation, all of these accounts are mythological. Meaning that none of them are real historical validated people. For more information on this please visit

On the other hand, Jesus is as real as it gets. Jesus performed and did things no other man in the history of humanity ever did. Jesus did so much that the Gospel writers couldn't even record everything that Jesus did. The greatest feat of everything Jesus performed in his life is the resurrection, which without it, Christianity is null and void. The empty tomb Jesus left behind is the final blow to all other worldviews. Jesus accomplished the impossible by defeating death! Of course, opponents will disagree with the account of the resurrection and question the validity of the account because it goes against the natural order of creation. However, history proves that the body was not stolen, that Jesus did not just come down from the cross with his severely mutilated body and walked away, that the tomb was indeed empty, that the roman seal and stone was removed, and that Jesus appeared to the multitudes in his resurrected body. The resurrection is the only viable conclusion to the empty tomb! And contrary to the opposition, contrary to what the internet says, contrary to the many fabricated YouTube videos available to deceive people from knowing the truth, the account of Christianity has more evidence to confirm it being the 'Right Way' than any other worldview, and it is all because of Jesus Christ who fulfilled every single prophecy written about his life in the Old Testament. No other in person in the history of humanity fulfilled the prophecies detailed in the Bible.

Furthermore, the Bible is the single greatest book ever written as it continues to perform record numbers according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The Bible is the most sold book, the most preserved book, the most translated book, the most given away book, and the most stolen book of all time history! If Jesus Christ was a myth, if Jesus did not rise from the dead, and if the Bible was a myth, the whole Christian movement would have died off like the rest of the myths that have come and passed. Fortunately for the whole world, Christianity is still flourishing as the largest religion in the world with over 2.2 billion adherents according to Pew Research and Statistics. The evidence for Christianity is abundant and is available! Christianity is the most corroborated faith in the whole world, and in order to know the real truth, one has to 'willingly and objectively' investigate the evidence for Christianity in a world that contains a multitude of ways. Christian Way Ministries wants to use this website as a platform to defend God's revealed truth in the Bible against worldly truth. 

For more information on the evidence for Christ, please consider the work of Lee Strobel in his thorough investigations on the Case for Christ by clicking on the Vimeo video below, and stay tuned for more as we continue to lead's God's people on the only road to the cross!!